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Optimizing opportunities provided by Canada's tax laws.

Appropriate corporate tax planning is a permissible and appropriate course of action with respect to advancing your business' financial position, given that the law mandates that one's business pays the full required tax liability that is obligated, yet does not require one's business to be structured in a tax inefficient manner. As such, implementing legitimate tax planning strategies is not only justified, but expected from the government, given that have set forth the legal structure withing which your company or partnership must structure and implement their business for optimal efficiency and profitability.

 Aspects of corporate tax planning include:

Estate Freezes - a tax strategy intended to transfer the future growth of an asset to other taxpayers, while concurrently converting the current value of that particular asset to a fixed amount for the original owner.

Corporate Rollovers - a tax strategy designed to optimize your business operations and tax efficiency, transferring assets or shares to an alternate business entity.

Income Splitting - a tax planning strategy intended to shift income from a higher income earner to a lower income earner in order to reduce the overall tax paid by the family, which requires extremely particular rule adherence.

Trusts - utilized for a variety of tax planning and related purposes, including tax, estate, succession and family wealth planning.

Succession Planning - structured approach that is intended to help ensure the orderly transfer of ownership of your business to your partners, other family members or your heirs.

For knowledgeable and experienced tax law representation for transactional tax matters and tax planning, contact tax lawyer Christopher R. Neufeld at 403-400-4092 (Calgary, Alberta) / 416-887-9702 (Toronto, Ontario) or

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